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The Bird Collection

TIME to 

    fly HIGH..

An antique bird print with marbled mount.
An antique bird print with marbled mount.

We create and supply
high quality marbled papers.

Our London based marbling studio uses traditional techniques combined with modern aesthetics to promote excellent craftsmanship. We marble papers of various combed & free-form patterns with striking colours. Every sheet is handmade and therefore completely unique!

Marbling is a captivating art where vibrant hues intertwine in graceful motions. The resulting patterns are an extraordinary symphony of form and colours, mirroring the very essence of the natural world that permeates us.

Bring the poetry of marbling into your home.

Paper marbling for bookbinding, crafting and decorating.

Marbled paper’s application ranges from the decorative to the functional, making it popular in various artistic and design disciplines. Our papers provide an added touch of sophistication and are ready for application to create memorable, distinctive objects. We are also happy to provide a bespoke service.

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