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Before ordering, please make sure to read our Terms of Sales, Shipping & Delivery policy as well as our Refund policy.

The price for a full marbled paper sheet varies depending on the quality of the paper and materials used. Prices may change at the discretion of the shop at any time. Please refer to the section “FAQ” for more information about our process and materials.


Contemporary store

1st quality papers using standard coloured paints on smooth coloured sheets of size 50 x 70 cm are currently priced at 14£.

If using at least one kind of metallic paint amongst standard coloured paint, the paper is priced at 14.8£.

2nd quality sheets are priced at 12£ for standard paints and 12.8£ if containing a metallic.

The Vintage Collection

1st quality papers marbled with standard paints on Hahnemuhle Bugra-Butten are priced at 15£.


When using metallic paints, the price becomes 15.95£.

2nd are priced at 13£.



As for any good, prices may change periodically in line with inflation and according to our discretion, without warning.

Prices do not include post and packaging costs: p&p costs, which will be added at a later stage of the checkout process.


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